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If your company is looking for people who invest time and money in career development, Jobiri is the place for your ad!


proactive candidates from the South East Europe and other European countries


job postings across the region every day


faster chance of finding employees


universities empower their students through Jobiri*

*The University of Montenegro uses Jobiri, so your ad will be seen by all their students. Check out the list of other international universities that use Jobiri HERE.

How can Jobiri help you?

  • Jobiri isn't just a job board, but primarily a career development platform where candidates can learn about careers through 145 short video lessons. You need people like that!
  • They can practice for interviews with the help of 250 potential interview questions, making the interview with them enjoyable and efficient.
  • By using artificial intelligence algorithms, they can write a CV that highlights their business results, making it easier for you as an employer to choose candidates.
  • You will be able to keep track of applications and exchange impressions about candidates with your colleagues directly on the platform.

We are Recruiters - we know what matters to you

As a company focused on the modern employer, we know that it's important for you to attract talented individuals who fit your values. Our Jobiri platform ensures that your story reaches those who invest both time and money in personal growth and career development.

How can Jobiri help you?

Employer branding

  • We'll convey your unique message to the world through carefully crafted text, testimonials, photos, and dynamic "employer branding" videos.
  • You'll leverage the power of digital channels to attract as many potential candidates as possible, making your company an attractive destination for future employees.

Faster hiring

  • You'll inform users about seminars and current events.
  • Candidates will receive an email about the open job position at your company, making business opportunities in your company more visible. 
  • Online candidate screening will speed up the hiring process and streamline communication.

Smart process

  • You'll enter notes and comments, organize contacts, schedule meetings and interviews, and report on candidates so that everyone on the team can easily follow the process.
  • You'll use the VIDEOCONFERENCE option for easy scheduling of online interviews.

Employer Branding packages


599€ godišnje


1099€ godišnje

If you want to advertise one or more open positions, create a profile and activate ads at the following prices:

  • 15 days - €35 + VAT
  • 30 days - €60 + VAT


  • Talent Acquisition services: recruitment, selection, and candidate interviewing
  • Candidate assessment using the most precise thinking preference analysis tool - NBI (Neethling Brain Instruments)
  • Team building events


You can only post an ad if you have created a profile.  

We're here - we can always "mask" ourselves and make changes to your company profile. 

We cannot guarantee that candidates will apply for your jobs. Again, we go back to the fact that Jobiri is not a job advertising platform, but a place where candidates learn about career development and prepare for the business world while also looking for the ideal company for themselves. If you do your best to present the company in the right way, you will be the first choice for anyone who strategically develops their career. 

In that case, unfortunately, Jobiri is not the platform for you. Perhaps our Recruitment & Selection will be what you need?