Why is career change so frightening?

Bojana Perović

Career coach & Talent Acquisition Specialist

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A career change is almost always frightening. 

I'm not talking about changing job tasks or moving to another company within the same industry, but rather taking a step into a completely new business world. 

Let's go through together some of the most common questions that scare us the most.

  • Will I have enough money? (anchor ka podnaslovu)
  • Will I manage in unfamiliar territory?
  • What if I lose my identity?
  • I will lose many benefits, isn't that scary?
  • What if I don't have enough experience?


Will I have enough money?

Career change often means starting from scratch and potential financial uncertainty. For instance, transitioning from a well-paying corporate job to entrepreneurship may raise concerns about how to pay bills and support our families. It might require cutting back on small luxuries we're used to, such as frequent dinners out, hobbies, gym memberships, or regular massages. Pursuing a new career demands courage, planning, and patience until stability is achieved. Unfortunately, not everyone is brave, patient, or willing to plan, so some people miss out on real opportunities.

Will I manage in unfamiliar territory?

Transitioning into a completely new industry can seem like an adventure, but it can also be uncomfortable for many. Imagine yourself, an experienced engineer, deciding to enter the world of art. Here, we're not talking about a simple leap, but a journey that requires entirely new tools and skills. This is the moment when you realize that art demands a different set of skills, including creativity, emotional expression, and an understanding of aesthetics. To navigate successfully in this new world, you must embrace the challenge of learning, experimenting and growing.

What if I lose my identity?

Loss of identity can be a particularly emotional aspect of a career change. Imagine yourself as someone who has been an English language teacher for decades and now decides to become a writer. This change not only brings a new profession but also raises a deeper question: "Who am I now?" We must confront the loss of a recognizable role and redefine ourselves in a completely new light. 

I won't have many of the benefits anymore, isn't that scary?

Imagine you had stable health insurance, a pension plan, or a permanent contract, and now, as you transition to a new career, you have to take care of these aspects on your own. This loss of benefits can create additional financial worry and insecurity about the future. 

However, many people who have changed careers have managed to find alternative ways to secure insurance and retirement, creating benefits for themselves they never dreamed of. For some, it's a better pension package, for others the ability to work from home, and for others it's flexible working hours. Everything comes with its price, so think carefully about what is truly beneficial for you. For me, for example, being able to shape my own schedule and develop professionally at a pace that suits me is invaluable.

What if I don't have enough experience?

Lack of experience in a completely new field can seem like an insurmountable barrier on the path to a desired career. In today's competitive job market, where many experienced professionals vie for the same positions, your lack of experience may raise concerns about how to stand out and capture employers' attention.

This challenge can be overcome through working with the right mentor, education, and gaining practical experience, which can help you build a portfolio and develop competitive skills that attract employers. Working with an experienced mentor can accelerate learning and adaptation to a new environment, reducing the fear of the unknown. This is particularly important when transitioning into a completely new industry.

We go through all these, and many other "What if..." questions, in our NBI CareerBoost program. 

This program represents a revolutionary approach to career change, based on a deep understanding of your preferences and strengths.

The NBI Career Boost Program is the key to unlocking the potential within you, allowing you to steer your career in the right direction. 

To learn more about the NBI Career Boost program, download our brochure with more information about its unique benefits.

Deciding to change careers is a big step, but with the support of our program, you can feel safe and confident as you take your first step into a new world. There is no better time than now to invest in your future!

Bojana Perović

I am Bojana and together with the Minuta do posla team, I have been researching careers and writing a blog about it for 8 years.

I am a certified NLB consultant, which means that, if you choose me as your mentor, with the help of a simple questionnaire I can peek into your mind, discover how you process information, make important decisions and behave in the workplace.

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