Support your ex-employees in finding new career opportunities

Outplacement and career transition services are training programs that assist former employees in quickly finding a new job.

We dream of a world where employees are empowered to develop their careers - where termination is not the end, but the beginning of the next exciting phase of their career journey, which we proudly support!

What happens when termination is unavoidable?

Terminations happen for numerous reasons, sometimes internal, sometimes external. In both cases, Minuta is here to support and empower your former employees to find new employment.

Career change is made easier with us!

Seeking a new job after years spent in the same position isn't an easy step. Where to start, whom to contact, how to write a CV - these are just some of the questions your former employees are pondering.

Outplacement is an investment in your brand

Outplacement is a smart investment because it:

  • Increases the likelihood of reemployment after employee layoffs
  • Protects the brand and reputation of your company after downsizing
  • Mitigates the risk of litigation

What outplacement is not

An outplacement coach doesn't place people in jobs. They do not search for or apply to jobs on behalf of the client. An outplacement coach is an expert in job search processes and trends, working with the client to overcome barriers to finding a new job. 

They may work on finding the ideal career, building a stronger personal brand, interview skills, networking techniques, or even managing emotions due to job loss.

What do our outplacement programs look like?

Each of our programs is tailored to the clients, so we customize a package of services according to their needs. We typically work one-on-one, and if you're empowering multiple individuals, we conduct group sessions in the form of online training and group consultations.

Outplacement services

You can choose one or more services from our range, according to the needs of the clients:

  • Professional CV or resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Job interview preparation

NBI career boost

A program designed for those transitioning careers.

NBI Career Boost is our proprietary program for career development and change. We've discovered the secret sauce that can almost infallibly assess the ideal career for your employees!