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Career Design: Exclusive 1-on-1 Mentoring for Career Change

People don’t seek career development mentoring when they’re 100% satisfied with their job and career. Being here might mean you’ve tried all the free methods, spent hours on YouTube, read a mountain of career development guides, but still feel stuck in the same place. If that sounds about right, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

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of candidates use outdated methods that yield results only 5% of the time.

of clients report a significant boost in confidence.

of clients have improved their job performance.

Think Like a Designer

Let’s get one thing straight - you’re not on this planet to spend your life doing a job you hate. It’s time to design a career that fits you perfectly with my proprietary mentoring program for career development. It doesn’t matter where you are, because we do everything online 🙂

6 coaching sessions: 90-minute online meetings (Zoom or Google Meet)

Career profile: Brain preference assessment with the Neethling Brain Instruments

Learning materials: Journal, workbooks, video lessons, 3 months access to an online platform 

Mentor’s support: Mentor availability for assignment review

Expert support: Informational interview with an industry expert

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Bojana, and I’ll guide you through the process of discovering the ideal career for you. By profession, I’m a psychologist, and I’ve found my calling in developing career strategies and uncovering new talents. 

As I was carving out my career path, I often told myself, “I wish someone had told me this earlier!” That’s why I’ve built my career around becoming the person I needed when I was starting out. 

In 2017, I launched the agency “Minuta do posla” (A Minute to Employment) with the idea of helping modern companies find qualified workers. As a recruiter, I’ve learned many tricks of the trade and supplemented my career with the skills necessary to make a gentle turn towards becoming a professional career mentor. 

Along this journey, I crafted my unique methodology for career development and later complemented this work experience with a role as an adjunct professor at an Italian university, where I taught my course “Career Design: Strategy and Tools,” aimed at language students.* 

As someone who has made several changes and pivots in my own career, I believe it’s important to trust our inner intuition because it often directs our career in a way that truly respects who we are, even when it defies logic. 

This mentoring program was designed by combining the whole-brain thinking methodology with other techniques and experiences I have in recruitment and selection, and the tools available to all of us, if only we know how to use them.

How do you know if this program is the right choice for you? Read on, and feel free to write to me if you have any questions.

40 students from SSML Carlo Bo University in Italy have confirmed the quality of this training. Read what we’ve done together with them HERE

Benefits of the Career Design Mentoring Program

Engage Your Whole Brain, Unlock Your Unique Potential, and Build the Career of Your Dreams

Career Development Strategy:

With my help, you’ll develop a clear vision for your future, and you’ll never again wonder, “What is the right job for me?”

Higher Quality Work Experiences:

You’ll finally feel a sense of fulfillment at work because I’ll teach you how to decline job opportunities that bring you - nothing!

A Unique Career Profile:

I didn’t tell you this - I’m also a certified NBI advisor, so I’ll unlock the secrets of your brain with the help of the NBI questionnaire (this is my favorite part).

Increased Confidence:

You’ll regain faith in your abilities and tackle career challenges with more optimism. And success!


I work with a maximum of 2 clients per cycle because I want to be the mentor who is fully dedicated to your success.

Practical Tools for Success:

You’ll keep a journal, have homework assignments, and we’ll do job interview simulations using online tools...

Marketing Material:

As your mentor, I will help you write your CV, cover letter, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and become more visible to employers.

Online Video Lessons:

You’ll have 3 months access to exclusive online content for additional learning and development.

A Network of Contacts:

You’ll have an informational interview with an industry expert, so you can learn firsthand about potential challenges in your new career!

What the Mentoring Program Looks Like


In this phase, we lay the foundation for transformation and create a unique profile of your brain using the NBI questionnaire.

1 coaching session
2 homework assignments
Career development journal


We plan your career development based on your NBI profile.

2 coaching sessions
3 homework assignments

Personal brand

We work together on preparing your CV, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and cover letter.

2 coaching sessions
4 homework assignments


We prepare you for the interview, teach you negotiating techniques, and start proactively searching for a job.

1 coaching session
3 homework assignments
Informational interview
Career development journal

Who This Program Is For?

If you’re starting to lose hope that you’ll ever find a career that allows you to live well, Career Design is the right mentoring program for you. I designed this program for those who are truly motivated to make a change in their career because they’re aware of their potential and know it can be much, much better!

When you have unclear goals and don’t know where to start

Ono kad razmišljate o sopstvenom biznisu ili freelance poduhvatu

Ono kad vas je strah da se nećete snaći u novoj karijeri

Ono kad imate nerealni strah od intervjua

Ono kad vas stalno prati osjećaj da birate pogrešne poslove

Ono kad ne poznajete dovoljno novu industriju

Ono kad ne znate kako da ispričate svoju jedinstvenu priču

Ono kad imate rupe u CV-u ili brdo nerelevantnih iskustava

Ono kad pomilite da je prekasno/prerano za promjenu karijere

Ono kad se plašite da nećete zaraditi dovoljno

Ono kad nemate dovoljno konekcija u poslovnom svijetu

Ono kad ne znate kako da pretražujete poslovne prilike

Ono kad mislite da morate sve ispočetka

Ono kad ne znate kako da koristite Linkedin za bolju vidljivost

Ono kad ne znate kako da napišete efektan CV i motivaciono pismo

Ono kad hoćete da ispregovarate bolju zaradu i benefit u startu

Ono kad težite promociji na veću poziciju unutar drugog sektora iste kompanije

Ono kad… Dodajte sami 🙂

Ono kad želite da se budite srećni jer radite posao koji volite

Who This Program Is Not For

Career Design is created for those who are ready for deep change and committed to their personal and professional development. However, this program may not be the right choice for everyone. Here are a few situations when Career Design might not be the best way forward:

  • If you’re looking for instant solutions: Career development is a marathon, not a sprint. If you expect your career to transform overnight without investing time, effort, and dedication, this program might not be for you.
  • If you want others to do all the work for you: To make this program successful, you need to be actively involved in the process. If you expect the mentor to write your CV, cover letter, or optimize your LinkedIn profile without your engagement, this approach won’t be effective.
  • If you’re unable to dedicate time and attention: Success in this program requires commitment and the willingness to set aside the necessary time to work on yourself and your career. If you currently can’t provide that level of engagement, it might not be the right time for collaboration.
  • If your budget is a limiting factor: I understand that investing in professional development can be challenging for some. If you’re currently not in a position to financially support this type of development, it might be helpful to consider other resources available to you until your situation changes.

The Right Time for Change Is Now

I know change can be challenging, but I also know the power that comes with the right moment for action. If you’re ready to commit to transforming your career, Career Design is here to support you every step of the way. 

Value of the Career Development Program

Total Value: €2233

  • 6 coaching sessions of 90 min = €1500
  • NBI assessment = €320
  • Resume review = €70
  • Motivation letter review = €50
  • LinkedIn profile review = €120
  • 3 months access to online content = €67
  • Informational interview with a professional = €100
  • Presence in the candidate database = priceless
  • Mentor availability for written/audio consultations = priceless


  • Personalized progress tracking journal (value €19)
  • Interview preparation guide (value €29)
  • LinkedIn e-book (value €39)
  • Workbook for competition analysis 
  • List of 10 ChatGPT prompts for customizing CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile
  • Access to an online library with books and guides on job searching
  • Asana board for organizing LinkedIn posts
  • Free attendance at online meet-up events in the first 12 months of using the service

Unlock your ideal career today for €1450

*Option for payment in 6-12 monthly installments


The program can last 4 weeks, in its express variant :) Ideally, there should be 7-10 days between sessions to process the information you get from me. You have access to video lessons and materials on the online platform for 3 months, and support in the form of free participation in online meet-up events for the next 12 months.

Oh, yes! That’s the whole point of this program :) You’ll have homework assignments, which sometimes require you to step out of your comfort zone, like recording videos and similar tasks. You must be ready to give it your all, because no one will come to do it for you.

There is no quick fix for the career challenges targeted by this program. If you don’t need a mentor or coach, but just want to talk to someone with more experience, schedule a consultation - we’ll talk for 90 minutes on a topic that’s currently burning for you. The price of one consultation session is €150. 

Note: a consultation session is not the same as a coaching session.

Great question! 

  • Mentoring refers to a process where a more experienced mentor provides guidance, advice, and support to a less experienced person (mentee) who aims to achieve certain career goals. In the context of careers, it usually involves long-term support in developing professional skills, career strategy, and personal growth. In our case, mentoring is a comprehensive program, including coaching sessions and consultations.
  • A coaching session is a process where a coach helps a client explore their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their goals. The coach uses specific techniques such as powerful questions, active listening, and reflective thinking. This approach allows the client to independently arrive at solutions and develop an action plan for achieving their goals. Coaching sessions are often more intensive and require more time and energy from the coach, as well as deeper engagement from the client.
  • Consultationon the other hand, are more focused on providing specific advice and solutions by an expert. The consultant analyzes the client’s situation and provides concrete recommendations, guidelines, or solutions for a specific problem (e.g., how to improve a CV, cover letter, how to prepare for an interview, etc.). These sessions are often shorter and more direct, aimed at quickly providing useful information and solutions.

The reason why coaching sessions are always more expensive than consultations lies in their depth and personalization process.

Coaching requires thorough preparation, feedback, and task processing by the coach, as well as the continuous development of a relationship with the client. Coaching sessions are designed to support the client’s long-term development and transformation, while consultations are more focused on providing quick answers and solutions for specific challenges.

If you think you need “untangling” and can handle everything else on your own, then scheduling an NBI assessment is ideal. This package includes one coaching session, so you get your NBI profile and a 90-minute coaching session for €320.

This session will show you how your brain works when making tough decisions, communicating with people, organizing your work, and similar. You’ll understand whether you’re dominantly a left-brainer or a right-brainer, and you might quickly discover why you’ve never enjoyed the jobs you’ve had so far.

Career Design yields excellent results for young people who still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up :) We help them discover their ideal career in time, making every new job opportunity a smarter choice. We shorten the time it takes them to go from point A to point B.

During the duration of the program, I’ll be here for any type of written feedback. In exceptional and urgent cases, I’ll also be available for messages via WhatsApp/Viber.

Career Design offers a wide range of useful tips for every dimension of your life affected by your personality and your thinking preferences. Communication with others is just one aspect! Indeed, during this program, you’ll understand why some people love chaos and thrive in it, while others function only in clear structures. You’ll start to understand and speak the language of people with whom you somehow never seem to “click”! 

Almost all users of this program testify to tangible and deep results in many areas of their lives, not just in their careers. Most likely, you will too!

If you think you can do it alone - that’s great! It means you’re a step away from a new career. But, the fact that you’re still on this page might mean that you’re expecting to hear something you don’t already know. This indicates that you might (maybe) still need a mentor :) 

The main reason you need a mentor is that a mentor is a person with experience, who can objectively assess your career and the mistakes you’ve made. I interview candidates for various digital companies daily, and I’m sure the information you hear will open new perspectives and inspire top-notch ideas!