Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning? Are you ready to shape the future?

Bojana Perović

Career coach & Talent Acquisition Specialist

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If you're intrigued by the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it's time to explore how you can join the technological revolution!

Imagine having a smart assistant who advises you on what to wear every day, considering your personal preferences, weather conditions, and current fashion trends. Imagine that this same assistant continuously learns about you from a vast amount of data about your style, preferences, clothing choices, and changes in taste over time. Using machine learning algorithms, it would make increasingly accurate recommendations and make decisions that reflect your unique fashion aesthetic. Wouldn't that be great?

Well, you already know that cars can become autonomous drivers with the help of machine learning. You also know that facial recognition software allows you to unlock your phone simply by looking at the camera. Even medical diagnostics are becoming more accurate thanks to AI and Machine Learning technologies!

Through this blog post, with real-world examples, we will explore what artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are, how they are applied in everyday life, and most importantly, how you can embark on a career in this dynamic field.

What exactly do experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning do?

The first thing to clarify is the difference between AI and Machine Learning. AI refers to the ability of computers to mimic human intelligence, while Machine Learning is a specific branch of AI that enables computers to learn from data and improve their performance over time. People working in this field are architects of the future, shaping the way technology communicates, makes decisions, and improves our everyday lives.

They use algorithms, models, and machine learning techniques to analyze patterns and rules within data. For example, they work on developing smart facial recognition systems, which ensure security and facilitate identification. They also create recommendation systems that personalize our digital interaction, predicting our tastes and needs.

In addition to being creative, these individuals must have a developed left brain hemisphere and be analytical, as they are the ones who set models, optimize performance, and make AI and machine learning precise and efficient. This dynamic partnership between creativity and analytics shapes a world where technology is not just a passive tool, but an intelligent collaborator in everyday life.

How to Enter the World of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

To become an expert in this dynamic field, it is necessary to follow a structured path. Start with a fundamental understanding of programming and mathematics. This will provide you with the basic language and tools you will use in creating AI models. After that, it will be necessary to dive deeper into the world of machine learning algorithms and data processing. Online courses and certified courses can be a great way to acquire these skills.

Here are some of them to get started:

Free courses:

  • Coursera - Machine Learning (Andrew Ng): This course is one of the most popular and well-recognized free courses on machine learning, as it provides a fundamental understanding of the basic concepts and algorithms of machine learning.
  • Fast.ai – Practical Deep Learning for Coders: Fast.ai offers practical courses on deep learning that are accessible and understandable for different levels of expertise. This course is great for those who want to quickly start a career in this area.
  • Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course: Google offers a free course for beginners that covers the basic concepts of machine learning and deep learning. It is suitable for those who want a quick introduction to the topic.


Paid courses:

  • Udacity offers advanced training programs, and this Deep Learning Nanodegree course focuses on deep learning. It provides practical experience through projects and practical applications.
  • IBM also offers an outstanding opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning directly from a renowned technology leader. Through this course, participants will explore the basic concepts, techniques, and applications of AI and machine learning. Additionally, the course is supported by IBM's experts and resources, providing an authentic learning experience with practical examples from the real world. This is an exceptional opportunity for those who want to begin their journey into the world of AI and machine learning with the support of one of the biggest players in the technology industry.


After acquiring the basic skills, consider specializing in a specific area within AI and machine learning. This could be natural language processing, computer vision, robotic automation, or any other area that particularly intrigues you. Specialization will allow you to delve deeper into your chosen area and become an expert in that domain.

How to Gain Experience in AI and Machine Learning?

Once you enter this world, you will realize that it is not only necessary to know a lot but also to be open to constantly learning!

Practical experience is key to achieving expertise. Working on projects that address real challenges and applications of AI and machine learning will allow you to apply theory in practice.

Join an AI community (check out the Learn AI together community on Discord and also check out Data Science on Reddit, participate in competitions, and collaborate with mentors and people who already have experience. This practical approach will enable you to apply the learned knowledge in real situations.

What are the salaries in this field?

I know everyone is interested in this, but the average salary varies depending on the level of experience, the location where you are based, the type of contract, etc., but they are generally much above average due to the specialized skills required. See for yourself how many people on Fiverrare looking for AI specialists for their projects. On the other hand, freelancers on Upwork offer their services starting from 25€ in some less developed countries like Bangladesh, India, Egypt, etc., up to 300€ per hour for those experienced and proven.

Is it worth the effort to develop a career in this direction if you are already good with mathematics and numbers?

I think yes 🙂


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning aren't just buzzwords from the world of technology – they are an opportunity to create a future we could once only dream of. Through learning, working on projects, and connecting with experts, you can become part of a team that shapes our future.

Explore, learn, create, and perfect your skills. Because you could be the ones who will build a world where technology is not just technology – but a partner that enables progress, security, and comfort. Your career in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning is your chance to be part of the technology revolution and to achieve your greatest ambitions.

Now is the right time to embark on this exciting adventure.

Are you ready to code the future? 🚀💻

Bojana Perović

I am Bojana and together with the Minuta do posla team, I have been researching careers and writing a blog about it for 8 years.

I am a certified NLB consultant, which means that, if you choose me as your mentor, with the help of a simple questionnaire I can peek into your mind, discover how you process information, make important decisions and behave in the workplace.

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