Prepare for your job interview like a professional.

We interview 20 candidates weekly and we will practice with you using real-life examples.


candidates don't know how to prepare for a job interview


employers believe that a well-prepared candidate has a greater advantage


interviews conducted by our recruiters. We know all the questions they might ask you!


candidate success after preparing with us for the job

Not sure how to prepare for the interview?

Practice with experienced mentors! 

Our interview preparation is more than just consultations – through role play, we reveal key strategies that 90% of your competitors do not know. 

We'll pretend you're in a real interview, which will not only allow you to practice but also learn how to stand out in job interviews and similar situations. You'll become a master of interviewing, knowing how to use communication skills mentioned in the CVto "get into the head" of recruiters and excel in any situation.

We know what employers are looking for!

Do you remember that job interview that initially seemed like the best thing ever, but then turned into a major awkward situation? After just an hour, you probably realized you made numerous mistakes and missed the opportunity. 

And now you feel bad about it, don't you?  Perhaps you regret not preparing better...

But don't worry! Every new interview is a chance for redemption and better preparation. After interviewing more than 3000 candidates, we understand what employers expect from you in a job interview. 

Our preparation will help you feel confident and make a strong impression!

We guarantee that you will be satisfied otherwise you don't have to pay. Fair, isn't it?

Who needs job interview preparation?

If you lack confidence or don't know how to prepare for a job interview (or perhaps an exchange, scholarship, university admission...), we're here to save you time! Regardless of your experience level, good preparation can make a difference, help you navigate the interview better, and land the job you've been waiting for! 

  • 30-minute interview simulation
  • 60-minute coaching session
  • Homework
  • Written assignment

What exactly do you get with preparation from us?

First and foremost, lots of useful information. That's why we've prepared a workbook where

Our preparation is designed as role play: we guide you through various scenarios, provide feedback, and offer tips for improving your performance

Practicing through simulation will boost your confidence, making you feel more prepared

You will learn specific strategies tailored to your situation and goals 

You will improve your communication skills that will leave a strong and positive impression on employers

Practical tips and techniques for handling employer questions will help you navigate interview challenges more easily.

You won't be alone in this process. We provide continuous support throughout the entire job interview preparation process, and we celebrate together when you get the job

How does the interview preparation process look

You fill out the form, and we schedule free consultations lasting 15 minutes to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Once we establish that we're a good match, we create a tailored work plan for you. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for every candidate, so this step is crucial. This phase typically takes us between 60 to 120 minutes. You can relax during this time!

We schedule our 60-minute session, with the first 30 minutes dedicated to simulating a job interview. Following that, you receive verbal feedback with specific instructions and tips, along with a homework assignment that you submit within 10 days.

You send us the homework via email, and we provide you with written feedback within 48 hours.

The homework will take you between 30 to 120 minutes, depending on how much you're willing to invest in yourself. Now it's our turn to rest while you work. 🙂

5 most common job interview questions

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Some of the most commonly asked interview questions are also the toughest! Discover the purpose behind these questions and the type of answer expected from you!


The price of the "Interview Preparation" package, which includes a mock interview (30 minutes), oral feedback on areas for improvement (30 minutes), homework assignment, and written feedback on completed tasks, is 100€ (+ VAT if you are a citizen of Montenegro).

That works too! Schedule a 30-minute interview simulation and have fun practicing with professional recruiters. The price for this service is €50 and does not include written feedback, so you'll need to take notes yourself.

We can interview you in Montenegrin, English, and Italian. 

Payment is made by invoice. If you're in Montenegro, you pay the invoice at the nearest bank or post office, and for international users, we recommend payments through the Wise platform.  

Correct! We're so sure that you will be satisfied, that you don't have to pay anything if you haven't learned anything at all.

We can help with that too, just let us know in the message what you need exactly 🙂