Don't Google How to Write a Professional LinkedIn Profile

As recruiters, we spend over 5 hours a day on LinkedIn; let us introduce you to the professional network the right way!


greater visibility on LinkedIn profiles


LinkedIn profiles have passed through our hands


more connection requests after optimization

Type your name into Google. What do you see?

Your LinkedIn profile is your online reputation, the first thing that appears when someone searches your name on Google. 87% of recruiters FIRST visit a candidate's LinkedIn profilebefore deciding whether to invite them for an interview. Think of LinkedIn as a digital business card that opens doors to job offers. 

We're recruiters - we know all the tricks!

Every day, we search for candidates on LinkedIn, and so far, we've contacted over 35,000 people through this network! We fully understand what kind of LinkedIn profile attracts recruiters, and we'll use keywords to make your profile pop up among the top search results!

Who is this package for?

If your current LinkedIn profile looks like a boring biography that talks exclusively about you, it's time for a transformation. Whether you're currently job hunting or just want to stand out in the world of business contacts, a professional LinkedIn profile is for you!

  • Active job seekers 
  • Career changers
  • Fresh and/or aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Professionals looking to expand their business network 
  • Freelancers aiming for knowledge and experience exchange
  • Those looking to build a strong personal brand

What makes us unique?

When writing your LinkedIn profile, we use our recruitment expertise to present you in the best light to employers. This means your profile will truly shine among other candidates.

Our team researches your competitors and writes content that stands out on LinkedIn. Your profile won't be just another one in the crowd; you'll get noticed!

Through careful optimization with keywords, you'll be visible online, and recruiters will easily find you. This means more interview opportunities!

To save you time, after approving the text, share your login details with us, and we directly enter changes to your profile. This means you don't waste time on data entry and tedious settings.

After optimization, you can expect at least a 100% increase in your profile views in just 7 days if you follow our guidelines.

You choose the language: We write in English, Montenegrin/Serbian/Croatian, or Italian, tailored to your needs.

Once your profile is ready, we teach you how to fully embrace this network in a 60-minute session.

What do you get in the LinkedIn package?

Investing in your LinkedIn profile is not just an investment in your digital presence; it's an investment in your career and future. That's why we've created a complete package of services designed to transform your LinkedIn profile and tell the story you want the world to hear.

Here's what you get in our exclusive LinkedIn package:

LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to make a fantastic first impression on employers, colleagues, and potential contacts. That's why the text is so important to us!

We will write your:

  • Headline
  • About (summary)
  • Work experience

Value: 100€

Linkedin banner

The human eye naturally focuses on images, so your profile and background photos will be in the spotlight. 

We'll design your banner to reflect your key message and hold attention!

Value: 40€

On-site optimization

For recruiters to be able to find you, your profile must be optimized for search.

We document all changes through screenshots, and in the end, you receive a document with detailed explanations and instructions.

Value: 40€

Linkedin consulting

After entering text and optimizing the profile, it's essential to maintain activity on this network to increase visibility. That's why the next step is a conversation with Bojana. 

During the consultation, you'll discuss content creation, job or business partner search on LinkedIn, and personal brand development on this network.

Value: €150

The total value of this investment - 330€

Unlock LinkedIn TODAY for just 199€

What will our cooperation look like?

  • The first step is filling out our questionnaire to learn more about you, your goals, ambitions, and what sets you apart from others. This phase will take 15-20 minutes, and it's important to share all relevant information so we can better tailor your profile.
  • Then, to create a standout profile, we thoroughly research the market and your competition. We want to understand the context in which you want to advance, so we tailor your LinkedIn profile to that situation, dedicating 60-120 minutes to this phase.
  • After gathering information, we proceed to shape your LinkedIn profile. Here, we work on making your profile reflect your personality and goals. We strive not to create "just another profile," but a profile that powerfully communicates your story, passion, and determination. This phase lasts between 60 and 180 minutes, depending on your experience.
  • When we design the text, we send it to you for review before entering the final changes into your profile, ensuring your LinkedIn profile perfectly describes you. We won't stop until you're completely satisfied!
  • Next comes entering changes directly into your profile and optimizing it for search. We document all changes made and provide you with a Google document with further instructions and tips.
  • The final step - we schedule consultations on further activities on this network. Here, you'll receive clear instructions on what to do next, including topic suggestions for writing.
  • Then, you're all set to do the rest on your own :) Follow your progress and report back to us at an agreed-upon frequency.


If you've read carefully, you saw that addressing your goals is the first step 🙂 This means that, regardless of the purpose, we create a LinkedIn profile tailored to you, whether your goal is finding business opportunities, clients, promoting your services, building a strong personal brand, education, or networking with professionals on LinkedIn.

If you're a participant in our Career Design mentoring program or the Career Boost service package, you can receive an additional 25% discount on the LinkedIn package. 

Payment is made by invoice. If you're in Montenegro, you pay the invoice at the nearest bank or post office, and for international users, we recommend payments through the Wise platform. 

Within the first 30 days, you can contact us for any text revisions. 

While not mandatory, a professional photo can significantly enhance your profile. We recommend having a high-quality photo that reflects a professional appearance, and you'll get a beautifully designed cover photo that matches your style from us.

While not mandatory, a professional photo can significantly enhance your profile. We recommend having a high-quality photo that reflects a professional appearance, and you'll get a beautifully designed cover photo that matches your style from us.

After optimizing the profile, you can expect an increase in profile views and connection requests. We send you a table where you can enter analytics to track the visibility and progress of your profile.

Great question! While you can create your LinkedIn profile independently, working with a professional recruiter offers key advantages:

  • Our team has expertise and experience in recruitment and LinkedIn optimization. We know exactly how to attract recruiters' attention and stand out among the competition. 
  • Creating an effective and impressive LinkedIn profile requires time and effort. We take on this task so you can focus on your career.
  • A professionally created profile is more likely to attract recruiters and potential business contacts, potentially resulting in more job offers or business opportunities.
  • Your LinkedIn profile is part of your professional brand. Investing in a professional personal brand and your LinkedIn profile contributes to your career and visibility among professionals.