Young people from Podgorica and Tivat practiced for their first interview!

Bojana Perović

Career coach & Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Thirty young people in Podgorica and Tivat have just become aware of their new career paths, so isn't that wonderful!?

🚀 We are pleased to announce that, together with CARITAS, we have strengthened 30 young people through the project "Your Job" to confidently look for work in the digital era 🌐

We started from the beginning - how to prepare for job hunting? How to communicate with the employer, so that he wants to hire you immediately? How to write a CV? What should a cover letter contain? How to answer some of the most common job interview questions?

The participants not only listened, but also worked hard, so we simulated an interview, researched keywords, tried to use ChatGPT for CV writing purposes, and did many super cool exercises that no one was immune to!

And if you also want to discover something about the questions that may be asked at the interview, download our manual with the 5 most common questions (and answers) HERE.

Bojana Perović

I am Bojana and together with the Minuta do posla team, I have been researching careers and writing a blog about it for 8 years.

I am a certified NLB consultant, which means that, if you choose me as your mentor, with the help of a simple questionnaire I can peek into your mind, discover how you process information, make important decisions and behave in the workplace.

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